Serien WANG(王智慧)

Serien WANG 

-Experienced Wine Writer and translator

-Fluent in Chinese and English(both speaking and writing)

91544D22E95BA9CF08DAEE423193D923-Now as Feature Director of WINEONLINE.CN (Wine Media),  gave exclusive interviews to many international top wineries and  towering figures in the industry 

– Wine Educator of WINESCHOOL.CN

– One of Core columnist for WineBlogChina.COM

– Wine and Spirit Education Trust advance (WSET III) certificate holder

– Accredited Educator of  Wines of New Zealand

– Have explored some of the famous wine regions, such as France,  Australia, Italy, New Zealand etc.


Tel:+86 10 85864505



王智慧(Serien WANG )

– 资深葡萄酒撰稿人和译者


– 现任《葡萄酒在线-WINEONLINE.CN》葡萄酒专题总监;为多家国际重量级酒庄及行业人物做过专访。

– 万欧兰葡萄酒教育高级葡萄酒讲师;

– 《品酒中国-WineBlogChina.COM》博客核心撰稿人之一

– 英国WSET认证高级品酒师

– 新西兰葡萄酒协会认证讲师

– 深度探访世界著名葡萄酒产区:法国、意大利、澳洲、新西兰等。

Tel:+86 10 85864505


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